UFC Fighter Mackenzie Dern Hoses Off In A Bikini

UFC fighter Mackenzie Dern is a month removed from making waves at the beach in her thong and just days away from a main event fight. So naturally she's creating some content that's primed to go viral.

There's no reason she can't prepare for a fight and entertain her more than one million Instagram followers at the same time. That's just what she did Thursday.

Mackenzie is preparing for a UFC Fight Night 211 main event fight against Yan Xiaonan on Oct. 1. Part of any good fight camp is making sure there is plenty of time to rest and recover.

Looking Fight Ready

She got her rest by grabbing a bikini, firing up Instagram, and hosing off in her yard. From the looks of the video she shared, Mackenzie is in great shape for her upcoming fight.

The No. 4 ranked women's strawweight has it all working for her - in and out of the octagon - right now. Check out her latest effort as she rests with her hose.

If we're going by social media activity then Dern is going to run away with this fight. Not many fighters can hold their own with her when it comes to a bikini content.

Unfortunately for Mackenzie, these kinds of videos don't show up on the fight night scorecards. She's going to have to do it the old fashioned way, with her fists.

That's not going to be a problem for her either. Dern has put together a 12-2 record by settling things with her fists. I have a feeling she'll have no problem holding her own during the main event.