Tyreek Hill Just Embarrassed The Field At USA Track & Field Indoor Championships With A 6.70 60M

Tyreek Hill is spending his offseason the same way he spends his working months: leaving poor souls in his wake.

The Miami Dolphins receiver decided to run the 60-meter in Saturday's USA Track & Field Indoor Championships, and promptly crushed everyone by a wiiiiiiiiiide margin.

Seriously, it wasn't even kind of close.

Tyreek Hill is stupid fast

Unreal. Tyreek Hill is stupid fast. I feel like we all know it and talk about it all the time, but then you see something like this and you're wowed all over again.

For those of you stop-watch holders at home, that's a speedy 6.70 seconds on the official gun. Insane speed. If that ain't a 100 in Madden I don't know what is. The world record, for what it's worth, is 6.34.

Hill is coming off a career year in Miami, finishing with 119 catches and over 1,700 yards - both career-highs. The Cheetah also added seven touchdowns and a couple perfect backflips to boot.

And they said he'd struggle with Tua Tagovailoa! Yeah, not so much. You can't teach this kind of speed, and clearly it doesn't matter who's throwing him the ball.

What a player. Feel sorry for those other cats running against him, too. They train all year for this and then have to watch Tyreek Hill's butt the entire time.


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