'Tulsa King' Closes Out Incredible 1st Season, Proves Non-Woke Shows Continue To Win

"Tulsa King" season one is in the books, and it was an awesome ride.

The Taylor Sheridan gangster show with Sylvester Stallone had huge expectations before it premiered a couple months back. Whenever Sheridan releases a new project, people immediately gravitate towards it.

At the moment, there's nobody in Hollywood with more power and influence in the TV game. Well, as expected, Sheridan managed to hit another home run with "Tulsa King."

"Tulsa King" is TV's latest great hit.

As I've written a few times here at OutKick, there's been a monumental shift in the entertainment industry. Studios, executives and creative talent are starting to realize non-woke entertainment is what people crave. If done correctly, it can print money.

That's why the "Yellowstone" universe and shows like "The Terminal List" are such giant successes. If you focus on having fun over pushing garbage talking points, you can put up monster numbers.

"Tulsa King" is firmly in the group of successful non-woke shows. The series follows career gangster Dwight "The General" Manfredi (Stallone). After decades in prison after killing someone (that little detail takes a bit of a twist in the finale), he's out and his crime family sends him to Tulsa to set up shop.

He must quickly learn how the world operates in modern times, and that provides a ton of entertainment.

Sylvester Stallone crushes it as the lead man.

The character of Manfredi is also unlike most protagonists we've seen from Taylor Sheridan. Most of his characters live in the gray areas and in the case of "Yellowstone," there's an argument to be made there are no good guys.

Manfredi, who Stallone excels at playing, is definitely a good guy. He looks out for the people under him, he tries to do the right thing and he lives by a code. However, he does have to balance that with a life of crime and a history of violence. Yet, at the end of the day, you know he's a good guy and it's very easy to cheer for his success.

The first season also ended on an incredible cliffhanger that had me craving much more.

Overall, "Tulsa King" is a ton of fun. The dialogue is hilarious, the plot of is unexpected and interesting and there are some great action scenes. Martin Starr and Garrett Hedlund are also both outstanding in supporting roles.

If you need a new show to enjoy that is simply unfiltered enjoyment, I can't recommend "Tulsa King" enough on Paramount+. Season two needs to get here ASAP!

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