Travis Kelce Stars In Awesome 'Indiana Jones'-Themed SNL Promo

Travis Kelce's promo for his upcoming "Saturday Night Live" appearance is awesome.

The Chiefs tight end and two-time Super Bowl champion will appear on "SNL" this weekend, and in order to gin up some interest, the comedy show dropped a promo with Kelce as Indiana Jones swapping out the show's logo with the Lombardi Trophy.

It was a humorous replication of the iconic opening from the first Indy film with a funny twist at the end.

Travis Kelce crushed this "Indiana Jones"-themed "SNL" promo.

To be honest, I wanted to hate this promo. It was floating all over the place, and whenever you dabble in something as legendary as "Indiana Jones," the chances of going wrong are high.

Yet, this is impossible to hate. This promo from "SNL" is one of the best things the show has done in a long time.

First, Woody Harrelson went out last weekend and nuked vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Then, the show followed that up with Travis Kelce recreating the most famous scene from the "Indiana Jones" saga. The little twist at the end about how they've been practicing for hours was just the cherry on top. Truly hilarious.

"SNL" is tapping into the "Indiana Jones" magic.

There's a new "Indiana Jones" movie coming out this summer, and hype is off the charts. Once again, Harrison Ford will rock his hat and crack the whip against bad guys.

Despite some concerning comments that indicate it might be woke, people will still pour out in huge numbers for "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny."

"SNL" tapping into the hype is a great way to go viral, which is what happened with the Travis Kelce video.

Props to Travis Kelce and "SNL" for giving fans an absolutely standout promo. The show might be falling off a cliff, but it's good to know it can still throw heat from time to time.