Travis Hunter's Newest NIL Deal Boldly Claims That He Is 'Him,' Literally

Travis Hunter sent shockwaves across the entire college football world when he chose to sign with Jackson State over Florida State last February. The nation's No. 1 overall recruit could have gone anywhere in the country, but chose to move to Mississippi and play for Deion Sanders.

No matter where he ended up, Hunter was always going to be a star. And in the NIL era, he is going to make some money.

The 6-foot-1, 180ish-pound freshman has already inked a few endorsement deals and his portfolio continues to expand. It did so again on Thursday.

Travis Hunter's newest NIL deal boldly declares that he is 'Him.'

Hunter recently signed an NIL deal with SoHoodie, the world's first patented stand-alone hoodie— which is essentially a hooded sweatshirt without the sweatshirt. His product line features the slogan 'I'm Him.'

For those who are aren't familiar, 'Him' is more than just a pronoun. It also refers to someone who is the biggest, baddest, most incredible person/athlete/businessman/etc.

'Him' is like saying "the man," or "that dude," or "the guy." Someone who is really like that.

Let Hunter explain:

As for the product itself, the hoodie helps Hunter get to where he needs to be.

SoHoodie creates a one-of-a-kind product. I have been wearing them since they have been in business. So to partner with a company built off the vision of athletes is special. As soon as I put on my SoHoodie, I become him. I am locked in to being the best player, brother, friend, and teammate.I am him, because I can do multiple things on the field, and I have that dog in me that I won’t let anyone take from me. When I’m on the field or doing anything competitive, I want to win, I want to be the best, and I don’t like to fail. I want to inspire kids to embody those same qualities: always be themselves and not let anyone get in their way.

There are more than 70,000 college football players across all levels of the game. Only one — Travis Hunter Jr. — is Him. His SoHoodie says so. It's a bold declaration from a freshman, but all signs point toward the his prophecy coming true.