Tom Cruise Once Told Emily Blunt To Stop Being A 'P*ssy'

Tom Cruise once had some sharp advice for fellow star Emily Blunt.

Blunt and Cruise teamed up for the 2014 film "Edge of Tomorrow," and the sci-fi hit required the actors to wear massive combat suits.

That was a bit of a problem for Emily Blunt, and Tom Cruise didn't offer her a shoulder to cry on.

"I was like, ‘Tom, I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this shoot,’ and just started to cry. I said, ‘I’m feeling a bit panicky about the whole shoot.' He just stared at me for a long time, not knowing what to do, and he goes, ‘Come on, stop being such a p*ssy, OK,'" Blunt explained on the SmartLess podcast, according to the New York Post.

Tom Cruise chose the path of tough love with Emily Blunt.

This story from Blunt about Tom Cruise should hardly surprise a single person. He's notorious for constantly being turned on and cranked up when it comes to making movies.

Don't forget this is the man who was caught on audio flipping out over COVID violations on set. Of course, that was insane and unnecessary. However, it does go to show he doesn't ever lower the temperature in the room.

The reality of the situation is shockingly simple. If you're being paid millions of dollars to star in a blockbuster hit, you can wear a heavy suit.

If you don't want to wear the gear necessary to star in "Edge of Tomorrow," don't sign the contract. Not difficult, right?

Clearly, Blunt wasn't overly pleased with the situation early on, and Cruise wasn't having any of it. For an industry full of snowflakes, it sounds like at least he still has a little edge.

Now, all eyes are on Cruise's new movie "Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning - Part One." Something tells me there was no time for weakness on the set of Ethan Hunt's latest adventure.

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