Timothy Olyphant Says 'Justified' Revival Won't Cheerlead For The Police

"Justified" is returning this year, and Timothy Olyphant has opened up about what fans can expect.

The legendary FX series with Olyphant as Raylan Givens is returning for "Justified: City Primeval," and fans have been wondering what to expect.

Information has been sparse, and the plot is described as follows:

Eight years after Marshal Raylan Givens leaves Kentucky, he is living in Miami, still working as a marshal and balancing life with his 14-year-old daughter Willa. A chance encounter leads him to a man named Clement Mansell on a Florida highway, also known as The Oklahoma Wildman. Mansell is a violent sociopath who has evaded capture in Detroit, leading Givens up to Detroit himself to help with the case. The series is based on Elmore Leonard’s City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit, a new chapter for the gunslinger as the original series follows a different Elmore Leonard novel.

Now, Olyphant has discussed what fans can expect in the mini-series, and he made it clear it's not a pro-police show.

"We’re not a show that’s just a cheerleader for law enforcement. Some of the characters are aware of their flaws, they’re aware of their shortcomings and they’re aware that it’s complicated," Olyphant explained when talking about the limited revival during the Winter TCA Press Tour, according to The Wrap.

Olyphant also left the door open to doing more "Justified" projects, which would be awesome.

Should "Justified" fans be concerned about Timothy Olyphant's comments?

If you didn't know anything about "Justified," it might be easy to freak out about Olyphant claiming it's not a pro-police show. After all, Hollywood pumps out woke content like it's going out of style.

However, his comments are actually very much on-brand for what "Justified" was during its initial six season run.

Let's remember, Raylan Givens isn't some pure character. In fact, as Boyd Crowder pointed out, the only thing that separated Raylan and him was the badge.

America's favorite U.S. Marshal let Nicky Augustine get mowed down right in front of him.

So, while it'd be easy to jump on the "this is just woke nonsense!" train, that's not the case here. "Justified" has never been a pro-police show. It's about characters who live in the gray area.

It's about good people who sometimes do bad things and bad people who sometimes do good things. Nobody in the "Justified" universe is pure. Raylan damn sure isn't.

As for possibly making more "Justified" series, I'd love to see it. The FX hit was the best show on TV during its initial run, and people would eat it up. Let's all keep our fingers crossed "Justified: City Primeval" isn't the last time we see Raylan Givens on our screens.

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