TikTok Star Ashley Matheson Says She Used 'Boob Bouncing' Videos To Gain Fame, Launch An OnlyFans

There are all kinds of ways to get famous and there are all kinds of levels of fame these days. We have the various social media platforms to thank for that. Canadian TikTok star Ashley Matheson is the beneficiary of this new form of social media influencer fame. She has over 7.1 million followers on TikTok and she knows exactly what helped to put her on the map.

Ashley revealed during an appearance on the Only Stans podcast, that she hates wearing bras.

It was this hatred of bras that got the ball rolling on her TikTok success. She posted a video of herself dancing that featured her boobs bouncing and the rest is influencer history.

"Yeah, I was dancing to Riptide, at this point I think I had like 10,000 ,” she said. "When I posted this video of me dancing, I don't ever wear bras, I just think that it's not fair that girls should wear bras if dudes don't have to wear bras."

"So I was doing my little dance, and ratio-wise, I'm tiny but I do have boobs, so they were bouncing up and down and I didn't even think about it because that’s just what they look like when I move around."

Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Ashley's TikTok Work

The comment section enjoyed the content and it received a ton of view. So naturally she kept creating it. That was until her mom asked her to stop because she considered the videos to be "really weird."

A quick look at her TikTok reveals that while she might have slowed down on that type of content, she hasn't completely abandoned it. Her large following is probably pretty happy about that fact.

Ashley said of her rise to fame, "My boobs went TikTok famous before I went TikTok famous."

That fame also led Ashley to launch an OnlyFans account two months ago. A move that has been a successful one and one she wished she would have made earlier, "I look back and I am so mad that I waited so long to start OnlyFans."

That's likely a sentiment shared by her extremely large fan base. If you're an influencer and you're not on some sort of subscription-based platform you're not even trying.