The Rock Once Bought A Hawaiian Vacation For Co-Star Randall Park

Tales of actor and WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's generosity are so prevalent that it sometimes makes you wonder, "could that really be true." Well, Randall Park, his co-star on the NBC sitcom Young Rock would tell you they're true.

At least the one that happened to him.

Park was a guest on Sirius XM's Jim Norton & Sam Roberts to promote the Netflix sitcom Blockbuster, when Roberts — a massive wrestling fan and WWE personality — asked about working with the Rock.

After joking about Johnson's on-set workout and nutritional habits, Park got into how nice of a guy he is.

"He just comes in, he's just so nice to everybody," Park said.

Then he launched into an anecdote that underlines just how nice the Black Adam star can be.

Randal Park Received An Unbelievable Gift Courtesy Of The Rock

"This happened one season — I don't think he'd mind me bringing it up — but we just talk on set. We talk about whatever, everything," Park began. "He was asking me about my family and where do we like to go on vacation."

Park said that he and his family, especially his daughter, liked to vacation in Hawaii.

"We kept shooting, and then at the end of the season he was like, "I'm gonna get you and your family a trip to Hawaii."

You could hear audible gasps from Roberts and comedian Jim Norton upon Park reaching the end of that story.

"I was like, my God, that's just so cool," Park said of his co-star's gift."

"That's Incredible," Roberts said.

The always good-natured and jocular Jimmy Norton said that he'd also like a trip to Hawaii.

"I'm just saying if he's giving out trips," the comic joked, before saying how great it is to hear when tales of a celebrities niceness are true.

Sure sounds like that's the case with The Rock.

We probably won't hear about him yelling at waiters for messing up his wife's egg yolk, omelet a la James Corden.

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