The Paulina Gretzky Bachelorette Party Trip Has Started

Oh it's ON, ladies!

We've officially reached the Paulina Gretzky bachelorette party stage of 2022 and it was #WheelsUp to Saint Barthelemy where DJ's future bride and her friends will soak up the sun and make memories that will last a lifetime.

While the official wedding date has yet to be announced, Pop Culture Insiders® do know that the couple will get married at a venue outside Walland, Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains at luxurious Blackberry Farm.

Tuesday, Paulina's crew posed for the obligatory private jet on the Saint Barthelemy runway photo while wearing their pink cowgirl hats. From there, they were whisked off to the private seaside villa where they got a look at the trip drink menu that includes the "Bride" featuring silver tequila -- Paulina's a huge fan of tequila -- and the appropriately named "Ps Last D" that will feature silver tequila or vodka mixed with fresh watermelon and ginger with a squeeze of lime juice.

If the party guests don't like those options, they can sip on a "Naked & Famous" or a "No Regretzkys" that once again mixes tequila with coffee. Hopefully the guests like tequila because they're going to be suckin' it down for an undisclosed number of days.

As for the wedding's official hashtag, which is required in this Instagram era even at the Paulina-Dustin wedding level, it appears it's going to be #PsLastD.

There you go. Buckle up. Paulina's bachelorette party trip is going to create a constant stream of content.

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