Texas Woman Settles Dispute Over Trash Cans By Hitting Her Neighbor With Her Vehicle

A two year feud between Texas neighbors came to a head earlier this month after a dispute over trash cans. The dispute ended with one woman jumping into her vehicle and hitting the other woman with it.

Lakisha Broomfield says her neighbor, identified as Sydney Harris by the Allen Police Department, ran her over after an argument over trash. The argument started after Broomfield put some of her holiday trash into her neighbors trash cans, because her cans were full.

That seems like a neighborly thing to do, assuming of course, that the neighbor wasn't putting a dead body - or anything along those lines - in your trash can. Letting a neighbor use your trash can shouldn't be a big deal.

Given their ongoing feud, putting the trash in the trash cans was step too far. The argument between the neighbors reportedly turned physical before the vehicle was used as a weapon.

"I've literally been harassed by this lady for the last couple years," said Broomfield. "I can't believe any person would hop into a car and hit a person the way she hit me"

Harris' side of the story is that she was pushed to the ground multiple times during the physical altercation with Broomfield. She intended to retaliate by running over Broomfield's trash cans and claims she didn't mean to hit her neighbor.

Harris might not have intended to hit Broomfield with her vehicle, but she did and it was all caught on camera. The video shows a white SUV smashing into trash cans and Broomfield. The vehicle sends her flying roughly six feet across her front yard.

Several days after the incident Harris was arrested. She was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Everything Is Bigger In Texas Even The Fights Over Trash Cans

Broomfield says she suffered a concussion as a result of the incident. She wore special concussion glasses to help drive that point home. Unfortunately she wasn't wearing the giant ambulance chaser neck brace.

The feuding between the neighbors will be coming to an end in the near future. Broomfield says she's planning on moving soon.

The video of the incident is insane. After getting hit with the vehicle, Broomfield impressively pops up like she had tripped and fallen down on her own.

Who knows? Had she known the vehicle was coming she might have lowered a shoulder on it.

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