Texas Pete Hot Sauce Isn't Made In Texas So Some Guy Is Suing

A man in Los Angeles was not happy to learn that Texas Pete Hot Sauce isn't made in the Lone Star State. In fact, he's so hot under the collar about it that he's taking the brand's parent company to court.

As it turns out, T.W. Garner Food Co, — which makes Texas Pete Hot Sauce — is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. If you're not geographically inclined, that's not anywhere near Texas.

Philip White is the man at the center of this lawsuit, and if he's going to shell out a cool $3 on a bottle of hot sauce with a cowboy on the label, it damn well better be from Texas.

So, he's taking his grievance to court and accusing the brand of false advertising in a class-action suit in the Central District of California.

What Does The Lawsuit Say?

White and his legal team are arguing that "the geographic origin of a product matters to consumers, and a company is therefore prohibited from misrepresenting it."

They claim that because the products are labeled as "Texas Products" people are being tricked into buying Texas Pete.

"Defendant has cheated its way to a market-leading position in the $3 billion-dollar hot-sauce industry at the expense of law-abiding competitors and consumers nationwide who desire authentic Texas hot sauce and reasonably, but incorrectly, believe that is what they are getting when they purchase Texas Pete," the suit reads.

It alleges that there's nothing Texas-related at all when it comes to Texas Pete. They're claiming that the North Carolina-made product is a Louisiana-style hot sauce.

I'll give you a second to digest those bombshells ...

However, on the Texas Pete website, they link directly to an article that talks about how the product's lack of Texas-ness.

That seems to indicate to me that the company isn't trying to pull a fast one on the general public.

But that's just me. We'll let the court of law make the final call on this one.

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