'Terrorize': Mike Leach Offers Reporter Incredibly Blunt Wedding Advice

Mike Leach dished out some wedding advice, and his thoughts are still content gold.

The head coach of the Mississippi Bulldogs is known for never holding back, and following a big win over Texas A&M, SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang asked Leach for advice ahead of her marriage to her fiancé Trevor.

"Whatever you and Trevor decide, I would keep it on the down low. Once you fail to do that - Trevor was probably planning to - but you didn't. So, go ahead and don't say anything else about it, but as soon as the season is over or even an off week, go elope. Trust me on that. Go elope," Mike Leach told Lang when asked for wedding advice.

Leach added that every female Lang is related to will "terrorize" her about a wedding, and ultimately, that's probably the best reason to just go elope.

This screenshot more or less sums up everyone's feelings watching another video of Leach spitting straightforward advice.

He was rolling, but I'm not sure Alyssa Lang was agreeing with much of what he had to say.

This also isn't the first time Mike Leach has opined about his thoughts on weddings. He went mega-viral a few years back for telling the media the best wedding advice he has is for men to be involved as little as possible.

Mike Leach continues to be a content king, and while I'm not sure Alyssa Lang agreed with a single word he had to say, it was certainly entertaining to watch. Never change, Leach. Never change.