Sydney Sweeney's 'Euphoria' Outfit Is The Hottest Halloween Costume Of 2022

In what might be a sign that losers are being stuffed back into their lockers where they belong, Elon Musk owns Twitter and Sydney Sweeney's "Euphoria" baby blue dress is the Halloween costume of the year, according to trendsetters.

Suddenly, a big rack, a baby-blue dress, nice hair and some makeup like what Sydney Sweeney wore in "Euphoria" are being considered a go-to costume by Gen Zs looking to spice up Halloween just two months after the wokes came for Sweeney's head for throwing her mom a birthday party that featured MAGA hats.

TikTok influencers don't seem to care what Sweeney does in her free time. They want to appropriate her Euphoria outfit for those Saturday night blowout Halloween bashes at the downtown bars across this country.

“When I saw the look, I was like, ‘OK, I have to wear this!’" TikTok influencer Kylie Stephens told the New York Post. "The look is just so iconic."

You're damn right it is.

Hey ladies, stop it with the dirty nurse costumes. Stop being slutty cops. Those trends are worn out. Go shopping at H&M and get yourself a few Cassie Howard, Sweeney's character, items and buy a notebook as a prop.

Get eight of your hot girlfriends together and go as a gang of Cassie Howards. Walk into the downtown bars one at a time. Create a scene. Take back this country from the wokes one Cassie Howard costume at a time.

Or pick another one of Sweeney's outfits and go wild.

You might end up the first Cassie Howard to run into Sweeney in the wild Halloween. How exciting, ladies!

"I have not personally run into anyone, but I hope I do," Sweeney told ET about the Halloween costume craze. "Because that'd be a lot of fun. I think it's amazing. It's just so cool. I like it. Alex (Demie, who played Maddie in Euphoria) and I love it; means a lot to us that these characters have just impacted culture in such a way, so it's a lot of fun."

Now get out there and crush Halloween. Tag those photos!

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