Sydney Sweeney Turned Heads At The 'GQ Men Of The Year Awards' In A Metal Breastplate

Making headlines and turning heads is nothing new for actress Sydney Sweeney. She does a pretty good job at doing both.

From her MAGA-themed birthday party for her mom to taking on the scumbags screenshotting her nudes and tagging her family, there's rarely a dull moment involving the Euphoria star.

Add her look at the 2022 GQ Men of the Year Awards in London to the list of moments that are far from dull. Sydney hit the red carpet in a truly one of a kind gown.

The gown featured a metal breastplate complete with protruding nipples. You know, because you can't have a metal breastplate without that.

Sydney was featured on one of the covers of GQ's 26th annual "Men of the Year" issues. She revealed during her interview with the magazine that the trolls were screenshotting her nude scenes and tagging her family.

She told the magazine she's not having it and has plans to take roles that sticks it to the haters. The 25-year-old said, "I think it's ridiculous. I'm an artist, I play characters. It makes me want to play characters that piss people off more."

Is Sydney Sweeney Setting The Stage For Her New Role?

Rolling up to an awards show and taking a stroll on the red carpet rocking a metal bra thing is just another way for her to take on the haters. So is stepping into the role of Barbarella.

Some were drawing comparisons between Sydney's awards show look and the reports that is going to star in a reboot of the 1968 sci-fi movie that starred Jane Fonda.

The movie was well before my time, and from what I gather flopped when it came out, but it's based on a comic book where the main character is known for wearing revealing costumes.

If she was in fact testing the Barbarella waters with this look, I'd say she nailed it. She also nailed not letting the trolls get the best of her.