Study: Waitresses Trick Men Into Larger Tips with Booty Shorts, Pigtails, and Southern Accents

Female restaurant workers are gaming their customers. A New York Post profile interviewed waitresses across the country to learn just how vulnerable male restaurant-goers are.

The women explained the art of receiving larger tips in the piece. It begins by talking with a Southern accent. Per the study, a man will leave a large tip if the waitress reminds him of the Southern belle of whom he always dreamed.

Of course, it doesn't stop there. Waitresses who dye their hair blond also receive increases in their tips. Manicured nails and shiny lip gloss work, as well. And most importantly, the women said "strutting around in booty or biker shorts" is cash-money.

Here's a graphic, per the NY Post, to better help servers who fear they may not be able to cover rent this month:

Professor William Michael Lynn from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration added his "expertise" to the story, concluding "attractive women get better tips than less attractive women."

Wow, who knew? Is there a more useless group anywhere than college professors? I have more respect for the waitresses tricking customers into leaving bigger tips than any Cornell educator.

There's also hope for the women who disapprove of squatting next to the table and wearing short shorts to work. Have you thought about pigtails?

Last summer, a 21-year-old waitress explained on TikTok how she used pigtails to increase her tips. The video quickly went viral.

OutKick's Sean Joseph covered the development thoroughly:

Waitress Bella Woodward, who has a following of more than 84,000 on TikTok, took to the social media app to share her attempt at increasing her tips by wearing pigtails. She took the suggestion from another waitress on TikTok.
The 21-year-old started her video by expressing some confusion as to why wearing her hair in pigtails would increase her tips. Saying that her fellow waitress received more tips for “some weird, crazy reason.”
“Okay, so, I saw this TikTok about this girl, she’s a waitress and I’m a waitress, and how she gets more tips when her hair’s in pigtails, for some weird, crazy reason.”

Woodward found the hack to work as advertised. She says a man left her a $135 tip one night while wearing the pigtails.

“It’s weird and gross, but I’m down for more tips, so it doesn’t matter,” Woodard explained“Wear pigtails to work. I’m bound to be doing this every day.”

Another professor quoted in the story surmised that pigtails make "the waitress look younger … it increases her sexual appeal ... that's s probably why it increases tips.”

So, success in the workplace isn't only about equity. It's also about hotness and pigtails.

I know what you are thinking, and it's accurate: it's institutional sexism that men don't have these options while bringing a burger to the table.

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