Stifler's Mom, Jennifer Coolidge, Is Still Driving Men Crazy After All These Years

It turns out Stifler's mom (still) has got it goin' on all these years after stealing their hearts in "American Pie."

Jennifer Coolidge, 61, who played the iconic Stifler's mom in one of America's greatest movies, is still getting piles of fan mail all these years later and it tends to be photos of "body parts," the actress told "Andy Cohen Live" during Monday night's episode.

What kind of photos are we talking about? Cut to the chase, Mrs. Stifler.

"Yeah, I guess I do get some DMs and stuff and, you know, a lot of photos of body parts and stuff," she told Cohen. "All sorts of things, you know, besides their face. Yeah. You know what I mean? I don't get a lot of the face, a lot of the other things."

Beer bellies?

From the sound of things, Stifler's mom is still fairly active on the dating scene where having a job is a plus.

"I like a guy who doesn't ever look at, look at his reflection," she said. "A guy that has no idea they're attractive. There are some, there's a couple in the world. I've had a lot of actor boyfriends. I need a guy that's obsessed with animals and a guy that has a job. It would be great."

That job thing might seem like she's joking, but remember we're living during a time when men have left the workforce in droves. Meanwhile, Mrs. Stifler is still out there working her ass off with roles on the "White Lotus" and "The Watcher."

This MILF isn't even that picky with her sex life. She just said have a job and don't spend hours in front of the mirror reflecting on your looks. We're talking about a woman who claims to have had sex with at least "200 people" after gaining fame from the American Pie role.

Listen to what Stifler's mom is telling you. DM her a photo of a pay stub. Really impress her. She might sleep with you and fulfill those dreams you've had since Finch sealed the deal.

It's impossible to forget that dialogue all these years later:

Stifler’s Mom: Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Finch?
Finch: Yes Ma’am, I am.

Stifler’s Mom: You’re dead.

And it was at that moment Jennifer Coolidge became the iconic MILF you've been after all these years. The seductress really leaned into the role in real life and it's led to you guys sending dong pics by the dozens for decades.

“I did date younger men after ,” Coolidge told The Guardian in 2013. “I really dated younger men for the next 10, 15 years.”

Shoot your shot. Show her you have a 401k.

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