Stephen A. Smith Rejects Kanye West's Support, Stands Against Anti-Semitism

Stephen A. Smith doesn't seem overly happy with Kanye West.

The famous rapper has been in the news nonstop for anti-Semitic remarks, including comments about the "Jewish media," the Holocaust and claims he was going to go "death con three on Jewish people."

For reasons that don't seem entirely clear, the rapper posted photos of Smith, Kyrie Irving, who also promoted an anti-Semitic film, and Herschel Walker on Instagram implying they were "real ones."

"It’s actually some real ones still alive that ain’t afraid no more I’m with you Time to build our own So the #redmedia can never control or diminish us again," West wrote on a photo of Stephen A. Smith. Now, the sports personality has responded.

"Kanye West made news for what many deemed to be his anti-Semitic remarks, and then for some reason, I don’t know what the hell this was about, he actually put me in there in the mix, sat up there, and talked about real ones like me! He put me in the same sentence as Herschel Walker, who’s running for the Senate seat in Georgia, and Kyrie Irving! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not gonna disrespect anybody. Let me just say that couldn’t be further from the truth," the ESPN star explained on his podcast Wednesday, according to Mediaite.

He further made it clear he doesn't even know Kanye or Walker, and has very little interest in maintaining a relationship with Kyrie Irving.

"I met Kanye one time in my life, don’t know him, don’t know Herschel Walker. And after last season, the way Kyrie Irving and I went at it, we’ll never speak again. And I won’t lose a speck of sleep over it. I wish him no harm; I wish nothing but the best. But I am not in the same boat as them. Let me be very, very clear," Smith explains.

Stephen A. Smith also rejected anti-Semitic views pushed by Kanye West.

Not only did Stephen A. Smith reject any comparison to Walker or Irving, he used the situation as an opportunity to remind people anti-Semitism isn't acceptable.

"I am against anti-Semitism. I don’t applaud it; I don’t condone it; I don’t okay it. I have nothing to do with it. There are too many people in the Jewish community that I know and respect to ever disrespect them like that. And I’ve repeatedly told y’all this on many, many occasions. If I’m not Jewish, I don’t get to define what anti-Semitism is. They get to do that. Just like I don’t want somebody coming to me telling me what I should find offensive as a black man. It’s not my place," the "First Take" host added when talking about the situation.

While it's not really clear what Kanye is up to, it's clear Stephen A. Smith doesn't want to be associated with it at all. The same can probably be said for a lot of people.

Whenever a guy goes off the rails and starts making crazy claims, it's not great for your brand to be tied together.

If you want to see just how unhinged and incoherent Kanye West is when talking about Jewish people, I highly-suggest watching his interview with Lex Fridman. It does a great job of summing it up.

Credit to Stephen A. Smith for calling out anti-Semitism. That's a lot more than can be said for some other people during all this Kanye chaos.

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