Stephen A. Doesn't Want Will Smith Playing Him In a Movie

ESPN's chief provocateur Stephen A. Smith says that if anyone makes a movie about his life story, they better not hire Will Smith to play him.

Smith appeared on Comedy Central's Hell of A Week with Charlamagne tha God, where host Charlamagne tha God (obviously) posed the question of who would play Stephen A. in a film adaptation of his upcoming memoir Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes.

"I know this book is probably going to be turned into a movie," Charlamagne said. "Who would you have play you?"

Stephen A. thought about it for a few beats before offing his answer.

"Dammit, it would've been Will Smith before the slap," he said. "But I can't go with him now.

Probably a smart choice as Will Smith's stock hasn't been this low since After Earth. Though as Charlamagne tha God points out, Will Smith will probably find a way to claw back from his ill-advised decision to slap Chris Rock.

"Listen, listen; he's Will Smith. We know he's gonna be back, y'know, we've got love for him, but you just don't do something like that.

"Stephen A. wouldn't do something like that," Stephen A. said in the third-person.

He then listed several actors including Michael B. Jordan and Omari Hardwick as possible options. They also talked about Jamie Foxx who does a solid impression of Smith.

But one thing is certain: if and when that Stephen A. biopic hits theaters (or, more likely, streaming platforms) it will not be a Will Smith vehicle.

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