Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Haley Kalil Has Been Destroying Thailand, One Skimpy Bikini At A Time

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Haley Kalil cranked up the heat this week on Instagram. The 30-year-old found a way to extend her bikini season into October and nobody's going to complain about that.

Haley traveled to Thailand, packed several skimpy bikinis, and unleashed herself on the country. Nothing was going to get in her way. Not even a broken wrist.

Her Instagram has been running at full speed since filing for divorce earlier this year. As a result it's been back-to-back-to-back shots of her modeling in different bikinis from this trip.

There's a look for every stop along the way.

Bikini Season Never Has To End For Haley Kalil

Haley has left little doubt about whether or not she's been enjoying her time in Thailand. If the ear to ear smile wasn't enough of an indication she's mentioned in several of her captions that she wouldn't mind moving there.

She captioned a few pics in a bright green swim shirt and thong combo, "I'm never leaving."

During what looks like some sort of boat trip she mentioned again that she found herself a new home. She captioned those pics, "Ok I'm moving."

An "Insert stereotypical caption about how I'm moving here" caption wrapped up her mentions of relocating.

Haley's been on one vacation after another this summer, which was correctly predicted here at OutKick given the timing of her divorce filing. We knew she would crush them all and she has.

Keeping bikini season going as long as she can is a brilliant move on her part. It's a great way to say goodbye to a marriage.