Southern Human Jukebox Band Buries Deion Sanders, Jackson State With Vicious Troll About Leaving For Colorado

As Jackson State football took the field in the SWAC Championship on Saturday, it was all-but a done deal that Deion Sanders was headed to Colorado after the game. Sure enough, that's what happened.

However, a few hours before the move was officially announced, Southern University's band announcer took the opportunity to use it as ammunition. He was absolutely vicious at halftime.

For those unfamiliar — Southern's Marching Band is the next level. The Human Jukebox is one of the best bands in the country and its performances never fail to impress.

In HBCU culture, the halftime performances often mean more than the football games themselves. That wasn't necessarily the case on Saturday, being a conference championship and all, but that doesn't take away from the importance of the band.

As the Human Jukebox took the field, its band announcer went savage mode over the loud speaker. He, like everyone, knew Coach Prime was primed to bolt for the Pac-12 and not-so-nicely reminded JSU fans that he was as good as gone.

In doing so, he referenced back to the 'Who is SWAC?' controversy from earlier in the season. The band director said that Sanders, seeing that he was leaving the conference for a Power Five job, was never SWAC after all.

It was a vicious troll of Deion Sanders and Jackson State to kick off the Southern Human Jukebox's performance.

From their, the performance did not disappoint! It never does.

Jackson State ended up getting the last laugh in the game itself and won by a landslide behind Shedeur Sanders' massive day. However, in the end, it was the Southern band director who came out on top.

Coach Prime met with his team after the game and told them he was leaving. Not long thereafter, Colorado announced that it had hired Deion Sanders as its next head football coach.

You can't take away from what Sanders did for HBCUs in just three years, but maybe he wasn't SWAC after all?