Sophie Lloyd Possibly Finds Herself In Middle Of Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly Love Triangle

Sophie Lloyd doesn't play the drums, but that doesn't mean Machine Gun Kelly's guitarist isn't bangin' around.

Lloyd, 27, is (apparently) in the middle of a love triangle that includes Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

Quick aside, "MGK's" real name is Colson Baker which is considerably softer than Machine Gun Kelly, but that's a discussion for another day.

But let's be clear, today's about two undeniable hot girls - Fox and Lloyd - and the shenanigans involving both of them.


In the midst of yesterday's Super Bowl buildup, speculation swirled that Megan Fox and MGK broke up (oh no!), after Fox scrubbed all mentions of Machine Gun Kelly from her Instagram. And as is usually the case when rumors of a Hollywood breakup hit the social scene, accusations of cheating soon followed.

Enter Lloyd, who's been a touring guitarist with MGK for the majority of the last year.

Did Either Megan Fox Or Machine Gun Kelly Hook Up With Sophie Lloyd?

Shortly after Fox removed MGK from her IG (how about all those acronyms!), an Instagram user commented on one of her most recent posts by stating: "He probably got with Sophie."

Within hours Fox deleted her Instagram altogether, but not before replying to the comment about Sophie by saying: “Maybe I got with Sophie.”


Sophie Lloyd hasn't publicly responded to rumors suggesting either Machine Gun Kelly, or Fox are strumming her guitar, but she did post a series of pictures alongside MGK and their bandmates prior to the Super Bowl. She's reportedly been dating a drummer, Christopher Painter, for more than five years.

We may never know if Fox, MGK, or both performed their own private duet with Lloyd. But if either did, I have no hesitation in stating that the Chiefs weren't the only ones leaving Arizona feeling like winners.

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