Sly Stallone Was 30 Before He Knew What Republicans And Democrats Were

Most people have at least a cursory understanding of the American two-party political system by the time they graduate high school. Frankly, most are well aware of it long before then.

Not Sylvester Stallone.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Stallone revealed that he didn't know what Democrats and Republicans were until he was 30.

"I didn't even know what a Republican or a Democrat was until I was 30 years old," Stallone said. He explained that he didn't finally learn the difference until he arrived in Tinseltown.

That's good because if there's one place you want to learn about the finer points of US politics it's Hollywood.

"I didn't know wrapping myself in a flag in 'Rocky' would throw down the gauntlet."

The actor was born in 1946, while Rocky hit theaters in 1976. This means that when the movie was released, Stallone was just about to, or had just recently learned, one of the most basic facts of American politics.

Although, if you need a good reason for your political ignorance, "I'm sorry, I was too busy writing Rocky to pay attention to politics," is a pretty great reason.

Stallones Politics Have Been Tough To Nail Down Ever Since

Stallone told Variety in 2019 that because he played patriotic characters like Rocky Balboa and John Rambo he was a Republican. He also said to them that while he didn't vote in the 2016 election, he loved Donald Trump for being a "great Dickensian character."

He also told them that he grew up "politically agnostic." Although agnostics usually have at least a surface-level understanding of whatever they're agnostic about.

In 2017 The Daily Beast called Stallone "the most anti-gun celeb in Hollywood."

Once again, we're talking about the guy who created gun-loving John Rambo.

Stallone clarified his stance on firearms while speaking with The Sunday Times.

"I don't see a purpose in hunting with a 40-round magazine. If you can't hit something in five shots, then you're not a very good hunter. To be able to buy a weapon that I can change in one second to automatic? I don't see it," Stallone said.

"You can't take guns away, they've been ingrained for 250 years, but you have to take the irresponsibility out of it."

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