Skip Bayless/Shannon Sharpe Debate Descends Into Huge Yelling Match

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe had an all-time wild TV segment Monday morning.

The two "Undisputed" hosts were debating Baker Mayfield's atrocious performance this past weekend against Baltimore, and all hell broke loose when Skip attempted to interject and cut Sharpe off.

"You and your four Twitter followers," Bayless fired back at Sharpe when the former NFL TE claimed he was going to bring up Baker's pathetic play to the world. Yes, in the heat of the moment, Bayless called out Shannon Sharpe for having a smaller Twitter following. Watch the carnage unfold below.

I'm honestly not even sure what the hell we all just watched? First off, we're talking about Baker Mayfield.

We're talking about a guy who has turned into a fringe starter in the NFL. Why is anyone getting worked up over what Baker Mayfield is doing on the field?

Is he worth getting worked up over? The answer seems like an obvious no.

Did Skip Bayless go too low?

Secondly, mocking a guy's Twitter following is simply a ruthless move from Bayless. It looked like Sharpe was honestly considering swinging on him. He looked furious.

With just a few words, Skip Bayless reminded Shannon Sharpe he's not nearly as popular as the FS1 superstar. For comparison, Bayless has 3.2 million followers to Sharpe's 1.7 million.

So, while Bayless has nearly twice as large of an audience on Twitter, Sharpe's is far from small. Still, it's not big enough to stop Bayless from dunking on him.

All the way around, just an unreal TV moment. If this is the kind of energy they bring every single day, "Undisputed" would immediately become appointment television and maybe the greatest thing in all of sports media. Take the gloves off and get after it.