Shoppers Declare This Is The 'Most Terrifying Bikini' Ever: 'Why Bother?'

The Summer of the Controversial Bikini rolls on this week with shoppers declaring the Tartan Tie Back Teddy Bodysuit from Shein as the "most terrifying bikini" on the market.

That's saying something considering the Internet blew up in July over the 'Indecent' Butterfly Bikini that had women ultimately triggered messes due to its string contraptions. And don't forget the water park bikini that caused an uproar.

We're talking about some major bikini moments this summer, yet shoppers have declared the $4 "Most Terrifying Bikini" to be a game-changer.

“As a fat girl I would be terrified to wear this," TikTok user @stacymurf deadpanned with a photo of the Shein model wearing the Tartan Tie Back Teddy Bodysuit behind her. "But even as a skinny girl, if I was skinny like … I would be terrified of everything falling out everywhere.”

Let's go to the footage to see this bikini that has women perplexed:

While the ladies are trashing the bikini on TikTok, this suit has an average rating of 4.71 stars out of five on Shein where 92% of reviewers say the Tartan is "True to size."

"Y’all if I posted a pic of my wearing this the whole internet would break ANYWHOOOOO go ahead and like this comment and enjoy your day and BUY DIS cuz you a good lookin lady who deserves it," one reviewer writes.

Not everyone considers the strings intimidating.

"This was very much porn start daddy give it to me vibes. Ur getting what u want in this thing thats fs. I am a large there was only a small available it worked out kind of small on the boob area but hey still looks good," a customer wrote in a five-star review.

The biggest issue for ladies who pulled the trigger came when it was time to actually put on the Tartan Tie Back Teddy.

"I like the lingerie however very confusing how to put on. It took me 40mins trying to figure out how to assemble. It should come with some instructions. The part that is suppose to cover my nipples does not because it’s too small. I wish it was easier to put on and and the top part was bigger. I got a small, I should have gotten a medium," a reviewer wrote.

It reminds me of putting together IKEA projects while hungover after a late college football Saturday night with the neighbors suckin' down beers until the ABC game ends at like 1 a.m.

Ladies, let's just keep it simple. We're talking about a $4 swimsuit, if you want to call it that. Maybe pick it up for an Instagram shoot and then throw it in the trash. The last thing you want to be doing in Cancun is spending 40 minutes trying to get into this thing like you're going rappelling.

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