Shark Tank Exit Nearing For Mark Cuban

The end appears near for Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who seems poised to exit Shark Tank after next season.

Cuban's been a regular "shark" on the popular reality show since 2011. But the combination of family and his other businesses has Cuban eyeing life outside the tank. Shark Tank's 14th season debuted last month.

"Shark Tank came to me after our live show the other day, and made me promise I’d come back for at least one more season," Cuban told CNN's Chris Wallace. "After that, I don’t know."

Following Cuban's "one more season," he seems intent to be more involved with Cost Plus Drugs, one of his many businesses, and his kids. Both seem to be factors in his likely Shark Tank exit - but to differing degrees.

"...It’s not so much Cost Plus Drugs as it is having a daughter who just went away to college,” Cuban told Wallace."

Cuban Has Three Children

Cuban continued discussing his likely Shark Tank exit by expounding upon his daughter's college move. He told Chris Wallace: “It used to be, when they were all in high school and went to the same two schools, all of our schedules could be worked out together. But it was more a question of wanting to spend more time with my family.”

Despite the popularity that comes with owning an NBA team in one of the league's largest markets, Cuban's arguably more well-known for his role on Shark Tank. And the Dallas owner seems to relish his role, for reasons other than popularity.

“The reason I do the show is it sends a message to the entire country that watches that the American dream still is alive and well,” Cuban added. “And particularly for kids.”

Eleven years before first appearing on Shark Tank, Cuban purchased the Mavericks for $285 million. Today, he has a reported net worth of $4.6 billion.

Though he'll likely be down a job, this shark won't go hungry.

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