Shaq Accuses Charles Barkley Of Being Drunk At All-Star Game

Drinking was the only way to make Sunday's All-Star game bearable. And Charles Barkley sounded like he got a pre-game in.

The Inside the NBA crew was in attendance and commenting on the All-Star draft between Team Giannis and Team LeBron.

As the panel gave their feedback on the picks, Shaquille O’Neal called Barkley out for sounding sauced on the mic.


“Ain’t no bad picks today, all these guys are great,” Barkley said in a drawl, sounding quite different than his usual dopey yet lively rhythm.

Shaq caught Barkley slipping and asked him, “Why does it sound like you’re drunk? You alright?”

Like most guys who've had one too many drinks in a social setting, Barkley was ready to deflect the blame.

“No man, it’s my mic,” Charles Barkley responded, saying he was experiencing a slight delay, which somehow wasn't affecting his fellow commentators.

Shaq joked that Barkley was cashing in some Patron NIL coin.

You be the judge:

Kenny "The Jet" Smith also reminded Big Shaq that Utah's a dry state. Then again, anyone who's ever partied with BYU students can attest to the special brand of fun that goes on in Utah.

It wasn't the worst day to drink on the job for the TNT crew considering the hours-long bore that the All-Star Game turned out to be, which also happened to fall on the eve of Chuck's birthday (Monday).

Here's a quick rundown for all casual NBA fans:

Even Nuggets coach Michael Malone called the exhibition game "the worst game of basketball ever played."

We'll drink to that, Mike.

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