SEC Network Host Makes Joke About Colleague's Wife, Tremendously Awkward Segment Ensues, Real Or Fake?

Auburn is battling with Western Kentucky and trying to keep their dumpster fire of a season from getting any further out of control. But the most exciting part of the game may be what happened during the halftime show on ESPN's SEC Network.

Host Peter Burns is on set with analysts Chris Doering, Benjamin Watson and Takeo Spikes. After Burns points out that Watson is the only one wearing a light-colored suit, Watson shoots back that it only matters that his wife thinks he looks good and asks her to send a text saying he does.

Burns quips, "It's not the she sent me."

Burns' joke could be interpreted different ways, but I personally took it to mean that Watson's wife texted Peter saying that Watson did not, in fact, look good in his light-colored suit. However, others on the Internet have said they believe he was intimating something salacious.

The Network goes to commercial after the encounter and when they come back, Burns and Watson are missing from the set. Chris Doering welcomes everyone back as Watson makes his way back to his seat. The trio then act as though Watson set Burns straight off-camera and now Burns is no longer on the broadcast.

Having worked at ESPN, I reached out to a source who was close to the situation. The source told me that the entire return from break with Peter off the set was a performance. If that's the case, then Watson deserves an Emmy for an excellent acting job.

UPDATE: An ESPN spokesperson has confirmed that it was a performance bit.

The Internet was ablaze with the clip and if it truly was an acting job, Watson proved that he has some chops. For what it's worth, Burns tweeted out a picture of himself and Watson a couple hours after the "incident."

We may never know if it was real or fake, so you can be the judge.

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