Seattle Bikini Baristas Win Major Court Battle Over Big Government

Bikinis and pumpkin spice lattes ARE OFFICIALLY BACK in one Washington state city where big government has been destroyed by great Americans.

Everett, Washington's ordinance attempting to put world-famous bikini baristas out of business was struck down as unconstitutional by a federal court noted that the ordinance violated equal protection clauses in the U.S. and Washington constitutions.

Translation: You will not force the bikini baristas to cover up, you tyrannical scumbags.

"The record shows this Ordinance was passed in part to have an adverse impact on female workers at bikini barista stands," U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez wrote in his 19-page ruling. "There is evidence in the record that the bikini barista profession, clearly a target of the Ordinance, is entirely or almost entirely female. It is difficult to imagine how this Ordinance would be equally applied to men and women in practice."

The bikini barista ordinance drama started in 2017 when the city went after "quick service" workers such as those at the Hillbilly Hotties coffee shack who were slinging sexy outfits and espressos. The bikini barista owner and some employees fired back with their own legal complaint against the city and we had an all-out war between the two sides.

Bikini-clad latte slingers saw this ordinance as an attack on their First Amendment freedoms.

“This is about women’s rights. The city council should not tell me what I can and cannot wear when I go to work, it’s a violation of my First Amendment rights," barista Natalie Bjerke told the Seattle Times in 2017.

Damn right, Nat.

Look, after an investigation into what women are wearing at other Washington state espresso stands, it's clear that customers aren't getting anything more than a real-life Instagram experience when they pull up to get a frappuccino.

We have drag queens holding NSFW concerts in front of kids in Texas restaurants, the least we could do is allow red-blooded Americans to hit up a bikini espresso stand to see some shes and hers serve up some caffé misto.

Back off, Big Gov.

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