Russell Brand Says Calling People Fascists And Nazis Means Nothing Anymore

Russell Brand thinks words are quickly losing their meaning.

Due to the fact we live in very stupid times where logic and common sense seemingly lose ground every day, far left liberals have normalized shouting down their opponents as Nazis, fascists and any other slur they can think to tie them back crimes against humanity.

Brand, who has a super popular podcast and is definitely not a liberal, thinks people have gone way too far when it comes to labeling people members of the Third Reich.

Russell Brand makes a very good point when it comes to words losing meaning.

"Hillary Clinton has called Trump supporters Nazis, but she has declared that she admires that new Italian leader who the left say is a 'fascist,' and also, though, aren’t there Nazis fighting for the Ukraine? Is ‘fascist’ just a convenient term to bring down people you don’t agree with," Brand asked viewers in a recent YouTube video, according to Fox News.

He further added that Hillary Clinton and other liberals in power like to compare their opponents to Nazis to "disparage them rather than having a genuine concern."

Brand also made it clear calling people Nazis is just a way to brush them aside without having to confront different ideas.

"Once you say someone’s a Nazi you know you’re saying ‘We don’t have to deal with you, we don’t have to talk to you, you’re out of the conversation,'" he explained as he dived into the issue.

Brand is 100% correct with his assessment.

It should go without saying, but simply disagreeing with someone doesn't make you a Nazi, a fascist or any other dumb label people - mostly far leftists - love throwing around.

There used to be a time when disagreement and debate was encouraged, but it seems like the sun has certainly set on that mindset for at least one side of the spectrum.

Furthermore, when you water down a term like Nazi, you're insulting the memory of everyone killed by Hitler's regime and all the men who had to fight to free Europe. Millions of Jewish people and other enemies of the regime were murdered by the Nazis. They were cut down in cold blood. The Holocaust was an atrocity beyond words.

Entire generations of families were wiped out. Millions of good people had their lives changed forever fighting against Nazi Germany. The damage is impossible to calculate more than 80 years later. The scars of WWII and the Holocaust still haven't fully healed.

Is anyone dumb enough to think anything happening today is even remotely similar? I almost don't even want to know the answer to that question.

People need to relax, take a deep breath, crack a beer and realize that just because someone votes a different way than you doesn't make them a terrible person.

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