Russell Brand Accuses Democrats Of Colluding With Big Tech To Influence 2020 Election

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In the battle of subversive British personalities pulling off edgy commentary in America, comedian Russell Brand takes the cake over the self-aggrandizing Prince Harry

Get Him To The Greek star and comedian Russell Brand, now occupied as a full-time host of the “Under the Skin” podcast, has frequently questioned the rioting, poisonous political discourse, censorship from major tech companies, and corporate race-baiting in America in the past several years.

Brand may not be a conservative himself, but he displays refreshing common sense in pointing out flaws within his own party. Such honesty is more than we often expect from a modern Hollywood personality.

“Look, I’m not a pro-Republican person. I don’t see myself that way,” said Brand. “I don’t see myself as a conservative, or that I’m in a Trump or Giuliani or media establishments that were reporting on these revelations. They are not my cultural, social, or political allies. That’s certainly not how I see myself. However, it seems to me that what reason is Hunter Biden [sitting] on the board of an energy company in the Ukraine? What reason is James Biden [sitting] on the board or receiving payments from an energy company in China?”

Brand suggests that tech leaders in Silicon Valley are altering the public conversation on politics through selective editing and biased media coverage — and he’s right.

The most notable, hand caught in the flame Big Tech censorship moment came when Twitter suspended the official NY Post account after the publication tweeted credible evidence about the Hunter Biden laptop story just as tensions between Biden and Trump in the 2020 election were ramping up.

“Did the media and social media conspire together to keep information about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s relationship with foreign energy companies out of the media?” Brand asks during his episode. “The answer is: yes, they did.” 

As the podcast craze continues to turn Americans into dedicated fans of names like Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, and Brand himself, Leftists in mainstream media — who forbid discussion of certain topics — have starved Americans of common sense discussions and tacitly encouraged them to explore more transparent conversations elsewhere, such as on various podcasts.  

According to a Statista report, 55% of Americans over the age of 12 have listened to podcasts.

Brand himself has participated in interviews with staunch conservatives like Candace Owens, thereby engaging in honest conversation with people on any end of the political spectrum and aiding the movement to cancel Cancel Culture.  

Brand may be a Hollywood figure with whom you disagree politically, but he has demonstrated a willingness to engage in discourse without hysteria. Americans in and out of Hollywood should take notice of Brand’s defiant stance against the media.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Good for him… need more like him. On a side note can you all tone down all the pop ups and floating videos and adds??? It’s a bit out of control. Also being a paid VIP member you would think you wouldn’t have so much of that. It almost looks like a click bait site sometimes. Other than that love what you all are doing.

  2. Very refreshing. It’s crazy how this guy gets labeled as conservative or republican (which is a death blow in Hollywood) when all he’s pointing out is, “Hey, maybe we should look at these bad or hypocritical things the democrats are doing.” Him just being logical and wanting to have a discussion outside of the majority viewpoint invites calls for cancellation. Crazy.

  3. Even Brand, as outspoken as he is, felt the pressure to markedly qualify his opinion with “Look, I’m not a pro-Republican person. I don’t see myself that way…etc, etc, etc.” Who should care?

    He, outspoken Russell Brand, STILL has fear of being dismissed by the woke police for having an honest, rational opinion contrary to the status quo propaganda. Why qualify an opinion at all? Notice how often this happens now? It’s like saying, “Let me first apologize for being honest and not sticking to the leftist script like we normally do.” The facts should be the facts, but the fact that he (and everyone else) feels the need to qualify his well stated opinion shows how much delusional leftist groupthink has tainted open and honest dialogue.

    • He’s pointing out that even politics have to give way to logic. It’s worth citing that the only people saying this aren’t the stereotypical “MAGA” hat folk, as is being alleged by several in the media.

  4. I think the tide is turning against wokeness, cancel culture etc. When Bill Maher, Piers Morgan and Brand (and many others) start talking about how ridiculous all this is, reasonable Democrats are also waking up. Many fear they will get creamed in the next election – and they will.

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