Ron DeSantis Receives Incredibly Warm Welcome From Fans At Chiefs/Jaguars Game

Fans appeared to be very happy to see Ron DeSantis at the Chiefs/Jaguars game Saturday.

The Florida Governor was in Kansas City to watch the Jaguars attempt to pull off an upset, and while Jacksonville put up a valiant effort, Trevor Lawrence and the team ultimately fell short.

However, DeSantis appeared to be a winner no matter what the score was on the scoreboard. Chiefs fans (and a single guy in a Jags jersey) lined up to shake his hand, and one young man could be heard shouting, "You're the best governor. Run for President!"

Is Ron DeSantis contemplating a run for President?

Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, there's always a chance DeSantis just wanted to head to Kansas City, Missouri because he simply wanted to watch some NFL action.

After all, that'd be a very reasonable explanation. The Jags are the only Florida team left, he's the governor of the state and it makes sense to show face.

However, the Dolphins - another Florida team - played in Buffalo last weekend, and he wasn't there. Is it because New York is a solid blue state no matter what while Missouri has gone red since 2000?

It's definitely food for thought. DeSantis is an incredibly popular man inside and outside of Florida. A poll conducted by NBC News back in December showed that 86% of Republicans have a favorable view of him, and that comes after he absolutely mauled Charlie Crist in the 2022 election. People love the man. As you can see in the video, every single person he walked past wanted to shake his hand.

Going to a solid red state for a postseason game kind of kills two birds with one stone. It lets you cheer on a Florida team and it allows you to show your face at a national event. Judging by the reception, Chiefs fans were happy to have him there.

Right now, former President Trump is the only Republican who has openly made his intention to run clear. It's still very much up in the air what DeSantis will do. No matter what he decides, there's no question people love the man who kept Florida open and free.