Roger Waters Reminds Us Again He’s A Gigantic Anti-Semite And Overall Horrific Person

Roger Waters continues his hate of Israel and America.

The former Pink Floyd frontman was fully unhinged during a recent Rolling Stone interview in which he once again displayed his anti-Semitic beliefs.

Waters didn't leave anything off the table; Israel, the Ukrainian-Russian war, Syria, Julian Assange and America's imperialism are all discussed. Investigative journalist James Ball tried his best throughout the 12,000-word exchange to challenge Waters:

Ball: Isn't the argument that it doesn't say criticism of Israel is Antisemitic; it says criticizing the right of Israel to exist is Antisemitic? And aren't those quite different?
Waters: Well, no. Well, the right of Israel to exist as an apartheid state, I'm complaining about that. Saying Israel does not have a right to exist as an apartheid state, any more than South Africa did or anywhere else would, is not Antisemitic. It's protesting part of the workings of a state that you disapprove of. That's all. But it's not disapproving of the people who live there or the Jewish faith, for instance, or people because they're Jewish. It's disapproving of the fact that they are a supremacist, settler colonialist project that operates a system of apartheid. That's what we're criticizing.
Ball: I mean, ‘settler’ is complex there, isn't it? I mean–

Waters: There are 700,000 settlers. That's what they're called.

Waters continues on saying that Jewish people, no matter where they live, are at fault for Israel's actions:

Ball: And do you think Jewish people in, say, the US or the UK bear responsibility for the actions of Israel?
Waters: Yeah.
Ball: So-
Waters: Particularly because they pay for everything.


We're used to Roger Waters and other celebrities spewing anti-American rhetoric. It's become the popular and hip thing to do for so many of them as they post away on their social media thrones, cheered on by their fellow blue checkmark Leftist friends.

So it shouldn't come as a shocker when Waters went on to tell Rolling Stone that the USA is “the most evil of all by a factor of at least 10 times."

Regarding well-documented Russian war crimes against Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, Waters calls that, "lies, lies lies."

And Russia's involvement in Syria where they have indiscriminately bombed and killed Syrian civilians and others? That's justified because Russian forces “were there at the invitation of the Syrian government.”

The full 12,000-word exchange is quite a read.


Water's double standard would be shocking if we weren't dealing with someone who clearly has lost any and all sense of logic.

This is the mentality of someone who hates freedom. They can't stand any good that America has done throughout its existence.

In the 79-year-old's warped mind, America is bad but yet Venezuelan President Maduro, who has a history of human rights abuses, is just fine.

If it's a day that ends in "Y" it's Roger Waters hating anything and everything. Take your pick on what he'll say next about Israel or America; OutKick has covered countless examples.

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