RGIII Sends Cringe Tweet About Antonio Brown Exposing His Genitals In A Hotel Pool

Robert Griffin III sent an all-time stupid tweet late Sunday afternoon about Antonio Brown.

The former Washington QB decided to weigh-in on the former receiver exposing his genitals in a pool in Dubai with a joke about Detroit and Seattle not being able to play defense.

"AB showed more D than the Seahawks and Lions did today," Griffin tweeted as the Seahawks snagged a 48-45 win over the Lions.

What does this tweet mean? For those of you who might not be aware, the former Steelers star has been all over the news after he exposed his genitals while at a hotel in Dubai. The incident occurred in May, but the footage only recently surfaced.

I'm not a legal expert about the laws of the United Arab Emirates, but I'm fairly confident what Brown did was very illegal in the UAE.

Antonio Brown continues to draw negative attention.

AB was ultimately asked to leave the hotel, according to the New York Post. He's also damn lucky he didn't end up getting arrested.

The laws in that region of the world are incredibly strict when it comes to indecency of any kind, and there's a good chance the authorities would have frowned upon a man exposing himself in a hotel pool.

Why RGIII thought this was a great tweet to send is a question we simply can't answer. It seems beyond stupid and unnecessary.

There's a high chance he'll end up deleting it and issuing an apology. When he does, the screenshot will live forever.

If you ever find yourself typing out a tweet involving a man whipping out his genitals in a pool, you might just want to leave that one in drafts. It's hard to believe that needed to be said. It should be common sense, but here we are. Next time, don't hit send on this one.