RGIII Continues To Be Appointment TV, Drops Sexual Innuendo, 'Dodgeball' Reference On Live Broadcast

Robert Griffin III knows a thing or two about how to play — and call — college football. The former Heisman Trophy winner has been in the booth for a couple of years now and continues to be one of the funniest announcers in the game.

Throughout the young 2022 season, Griffin has been a menace. He has dropped multiple sexual innuendos on live TV and was back at it again on Saturday.

RGIII was on the call for a high-scoring affair between TCU and Oklahoma.

The game itself was pretty wild. The things that were said on the broadcast were even more so.

First and foremost, Griffin bizarrely explained that this past week's Hurricane Ian was real. He didn't mean for it to come out the way that it did, but it did.

Later in the game, as the Horned Frogs jumped out to a huge lead, Griffin made a joke about Aaron Judge's chase for the American League home run record. To pass Roger Maris, Judge needs to hit 62 in a single season. It took him a few weeks to get 61 and now he is one home run away from the record.

As the college football games played out over the weekend, much to the dislike of fans across the country, ESPN cut into its broadcasts to show live look-ins at Judge at-bats.

Meanwhile, Griffin joked about whether TCU would total 62 points before the Yankees slugger hit his 62nd home run.

Not long thereafter, RGIII joked that the Horned Frogs offense was running through the Sooners like a stimulus check.

If that wasn't enough, Griffin found a way to work in a 'Dodgeball' reference and called back to White Goodman.

And he wasn't done there. Griffin made yet another deliberate sexual innuendo, commending a player on his ballsmanship.

All-in-all there are very few announcers or commentators who are doing the most like RGIII. He works in a subtle (or not-so-subtle) reference at every opportunity he gets and keeps the viewers at home on their toes.

While some people might think it is corny, it is a lot more interesting than a monotonous broadcast without any flavor. The shenanigans are very real.

Keep on keeping on, RGIII.