Rex Ryan Performing A Traditional Yodel On The Side Of A Mountain In Austria Is A Hilariously Unexpected Glitch In The Matrix

Former NFL head coach Rex Ryan will not ever have a career as a yodeler. The 59-year-old, known for his outgoing, assertive and bold personality, is not very good as a vocalist.

Ryan, who has not coached since being fired from the Bills in 2016, has held a variety of positions since his unofficial retirement. He's been on TV as an analyst, continues to be active as an investor and spokesperson, and most recently competed on The Amazing Race.

While Ryan put his best foot forward, it ultimately did not end well for him and his golf buddy partner. They were eliminated on Wednesday night to close the second episode of the new season.

However, before packing his bags and boarding a flight home, Ryan got to do something that most people will never attempt— yodeling in the Austrian mountains. It didn't go well, but he got to give it a try.

Rex Ryan trying to yodel on The Amazing Race in Austria is a trip.

Ryan lost a significant amount of weight prior to filming. He said that he was entering The Amazing Race with a fresh outlook on life.

The former coach didn't want to get frustrated like he used to on the sidelines. And he didn't want to let stress or pressure fold him. He wanted to enjoy each and every moment.

While there was plenty of opportunity for Ryan to get angry or upset during what became a losing leg of the race, he never showed any negativity. Even as his dyslexia made things difficult.

One of the challenges during the Week 2 leg was to practice, perfect, and perform three traditional Austrian yodels. Ryan volunteered to "call the cows" and did not fare well.

The challenged required participants to memorize an Austrian song and dance. But Ryan joked that English was hard enough, let alone words that he had never heard of before.

Here is a look at some of his efforts throughout the challenge. It's a trip.

In the end, while Ryan was eventually able to complete the task, he and his partner were eliminated. It was a shame, because Ryan brought a lot of entertainment value to the season, but at least we got to see his attempt at yodeling. That was not on my bingo board for 2022!