Rachel Bush Shreds Brittney Griner/Viktor Bout Trade

Rachel Bush doesn't sound too pleased with how President Joe Biden handled securing Brittney Griner's release.

The WNBA star was swapped in what's become a controversial prisoner trade for Merchant of Death arms dealer Viktor Bout. After nearly a year in Russian custody, she's back home, but Bush finds it a bit odd that while America sends money for the war in Ukraine, the nation also just handed back the most prolific arms dealer in modern history.

"We are sending billions to Ukraine for their war, however we just traded the “merchant of death” Russian arms dealer back to Russia DURING their war with Ukraine in exchange for a basketball player. Does that even SOUND RIGHT TO YOU," Rachel Bush, who is married to NFL player Jordan Poyer, fired off after the trade was made public.

I also reached out to Bush to get a deeper dive into her thoughts, and will update you all when I hear back.

Rachel Bush isn't alone with her line of thinking.

This is also hardly an opinion held by just Bush. The exact same topic was discussed by Dan Dakich and I Thursday as we reacted to the trade. When floating possibilities of how this might all play out, I even suggested we might just let the Ukrainians kill him.

Either way, it definitely seems like a fair question to ask. Viktor Bout is responsible for death that's impossible to calculate. He flooded an entire continent - Africa - with weapons, and conspired to sell weapons meant to kill Americans. That's not an opinion. That's a fact, and it's why he was sentenced to 25 years in American federal prison.

At this point, the situation is over, and fortunately, Griner is back in the USA. You can absolutely be grateful an American citizen is home, while also asking if it was a very lopsided deal. A pro athlete for the Merchant of Death definitely doesn't seem to be fair.

Rachel Bush at least definitely feels that way.

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest updates on the Griner trade as we have them. There's no doubt reactions will keep rolling in.

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