Rachel Bush Drops More Ibiza Bikini Content

Rachel Bush is back! If it feels like she made an appearance just a few days ago, it's because she did. And that's a good sign.

It means she's been firing up the social media app more often, cranking out must-see content. On Friday, the Instagram pro dropped some more of that must-see content from her trip to Ibiza.

It's both the perfect start to the weekend and the perfect follow-up to when she showed off her beach hair last weekend. Rachel still has the hair, the tan, and the bikini all working for her.

Some Instagram models command more attention than others

Much like the rest of her content, this vacation follow-up didn't go unnoticed. Her millions of followers took note of her latest efforts, as did her husband Jordan Poyer.

He was understandably a little distracted from his preseason preparation and showed up in the comment section leaving a few heart emojis on her Friday content dump.

If Rachel's chronicling of this vacation is any indication we could be in for an NFL season of increased social media usage. It certainly seems like things are trending that way.

That's usually a good thing for business.

Speaking of business, the Bills will open the preseason at home on Saturday afternoon against the new-look Indianapolis Colts.