Preschool Teacher Etzane Peña Catches Heat For Joining OnlyFans To Help Pay Her Mom's Medical Bills

Some join OnlyFans because of greed. Other join to make ends meet. There are some who do so for the love of the game. Rarely does one join out of the goodness of their heart.

I said rarely, because there's at least one woman out there who has made the decision to create content on OnlyFans for the benefit of others. That's her story anyway. Her name is Etzane Peña and she's a former preschool teacher from Mexico.

Peña, despite receiving criticism from some, decided to join OnlyFans to help pay for her mom's medical bills. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013. The cancer spread to other parts of her body in 2019 and she ended up losing her battle with cancer.

The 25-year-old recently discussed her decision to make content on the exclusive content platform and why she didn't listen to the criticism. She said, "I have faced criticism for having an OnlyFans, but I did it for a good cause, to help pay for my mom's cancer treatment."

Peña explained that she had taken over responsibility for her mother's medical bills in 2016, but that her salary as a preschool teacher wasn't cutting it. She needed a way to increase her income and turned to OnlyFans.

"I opened it (her OnlyFans account) because Social Security did not cover all the medicines, chemotherapy and surgeries that my mother needed," she continued.

The Work Of An OnlyFans Model Is Never Finished

“One of those medicines cost more than 20,000 pesos (more than $1,000) a month and thanks to this I was able to pay for it and afford her surgery."

Despite her mother's death, Peña's OnlyFans work continues. According to the bio on her account, she's in the top 1.8% of all creators.

Her focus now is on helping out family and others in need. She said, "I decided to continue to pay for my brother's degree and help another lady who has cancer and cannot pay for her chemotherapy."

Some heroes wear capes, some leave their occupation as a molder of young minds behind to take their clothes off for the benefit of others. I'll let you decide which is more important for society.