PR Firm Drops Jason Aldean Because Wife Spoke Out Against Child Gender Affirming Surgeries

Jason Aldean's PR firm of 20 years dropped him on Thursday because his wife thanked her parents for not changing her gender.

In August, Brittany Aldean posted the following Instagram post addressing child gender reassignment:

Jason Aldean responded that he, too, appreciated the decision:

In a more serious manner, Brittany discussed the dangerous effects these surgeries have on minors, of which studies warn:

Seems reasonable. Yet media outlets like People called her comments "transphobic," so the firm caved into submission.

Aldean's former PR firm released the following statement:

Translation: Jason Aldean and his wife had an opinion that social media didn't like so he's no longer a fit at the firm.

The Aldeans' comments referred to groups that are performing sex changes on minors and are encouraging them to consider making the change before an age they can buy a pack of cigarettes.

These groups exist, are open about it, and MLB funds them.

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The music industry allows artists to advocate for children to undergo painful sex change surgeries but does not allow artists to warn of the physical and mental effects of the procedures.

Let that be a warning to fellow country stars Dierks Bentley, Rascal Flatts, Thomas Rhett, Lady A, and Brett Young, all of whom remain in business with the PR firm.

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