Popeyes Saves Thanksgiving From Inflation, Avian Flu

Ever wake up on Thanksgiving morning and think to yourself, 'I just really don't want to cook dinner today'? Good news ... Popeyes has you covered!

The fast food giant made the world a better place Thursday by announcing it would be delivering Cajun-injected turkeys to doorsteps for the first time ever, and it starts next Monday!

FOX Business - great company, I hear - obtained a news release from a Popeyes representative Thursday, who confirmed the pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey would be available for pre-orders and deliveries will start shipping out Oct. 24.

Once the bird arrives - expect it to take 1-3 days from dispatch - it only needs to be thawed and heated and then BAM, you're done. Thanksgiving dinner is served, and it's almost certainly going to be better than anything you would've made yourself.

That's America at its finest, folks.

Popeyes Cajun Thanksgiving turkeys help fight inflation, avian flu

Don't know if you've heard, but inflation is HOT right now and turkeys are going to be insanely expensive this season.

Frankly, it's all par for the course if you've stepped foot in a grocery store over the past 10 months. You can't leave Publix without a $100 tab, and that's with a crazy amount of BOGOs. It's just not possible anymore.

On top of that, apparently the avian flu is running rampant right now, so turkeys aren't exactly flying to the shelves.

Anyways, these Popeyes birds are priced at $95, but you can pick them up from the actual restaurant itself for $50.

Obviously the convenience-factor of just throwing this guy in the over once you get home is the real selling point here, but don't discount the Cajun seasoning, either.

That stuff will make your tastebuds explode, folks. Trust me.

Online pre-orders can be made on Popeyes’ special website, which is confusingly named thecajunfix.popeyes.com.

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