Pink Spent Thousands On Art Painted By Chimpanzees

Singer Pink has dropped thousands on some art created by chimpanzees.

No, it wasn't that banana taped to the wall.

The singer was cruising around Miami Art Week when she spotted some works exhibited by @rt by Chimps. As the name implies, it's the “first-ever exhibit of art by chimpanzees.”

This caught Pink's attention as it probably would for most people.

One of the exhibit's organizers told Page Six that Pink “was heartened to learn that chimps find painting therapeutic and, like humans, the ape artists tend to be introspective."

Wow. Pink is very enlightened and deep when it comes to ape paintings.

If they were talking about me, the quote would've read "he said that he thought it was super badass that a chimpanzee did the painting, and mentioned how it was way better than most of the other s--t he had seen at Miami Art Week... but it was hard to tell though; he was eating a Cuban sandwich while he said this."

The Paintings Will Support A Florida Chimp Sanctuary

Pink reportedly bought her piece ahead of the exhibition's public opening which came Wednesday. Her piece is titled "Art By Patty & Kramer." Page Six was told that it's an abstract painting (not like anyone expected a landscape or portrait, but alright) “featuring vivid swaths of blue, white, and, you guessed it, pink!”

The piece cost her a cool $5k, but it's all going to a great cause. It'll be used to support the Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Handing a paintbrush and a palette to a chimpanzee isn't something new. In the 1950s, a chimp at the London Zoo named Congo was churning out masterpieces like this one:

It's tough to argue that isn't just as good — or even way better — than what a lot of human artists can do.

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