Peyton Manning Shares Hilarious Pamela Anderson/Bill Belichick Story

Bill Belichick apparently had a pretty simple plan to get Pamela Anderson to the Pro Bowl one year.

Peyton Manning revealed during the Patriots/Cardinals Monday Night Football game that the six-time Super Bowl champion invited former Chargers long snapper to the Pro Bowl for one one reason and one reason only: he was dating Pamela Anderson at the time.

Bill apparently thought the super model might enjoy some time poolside.

"Bill thought the players would like seeing Pamela at the pool in Hawaii. She didn't come, but that's a cool Belichick story," Manning told audiences Monday night during the game.

In a clip shared by Dov Kleiman, Binn actually spoke with OutKick contributor David Choa, and further elaborated on the true story.

Bill Belichick was wheeling and dealing with this scheme.

Bill dropping a "Remind me why the f**k I invited you" line is just incredible. The whole story as shared by Binn and Manning is incredible.

Bill Belichick is notorious for not showing any emotion. It's almost like he's allergic to smiling. It's simply not allowed.

Yet, we all know he has a solid sense of humor deep down and might even be a bro at heart. Inviting a long snapper to the Pro Bowl just because you hope he brings Pamela Anderson is an all-time great coaching scheme.

Did it work? No, but not all plans end in success. It's the attempt that matters. Bill Belichick is a big guy when it comes to effort, and at least he made an effort.

Now, did David Binn deserve the Pro Bowl bid? Who knows, but that's not really the point. He was Pamela Anderson's boyfriend, and Bill Belichick had to use that to his advantage.

Also, if you haven't seen "Pam & Tommy" about the leaked sex tape, it's a great show. Insanely captivating and surprisingly funny.

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