Pentagon Reveals If The Government Has Proof Of Aliens

Are aliens walking among us?

UFOs and aliens are all the rage these days thanks to countless stories and videos of unexplainable events in the sky.

These aren't just crackpot theories. The United States military famously captured the "tic tac" video of an unknown object flying near the USS Nimitz.

However, despite the videos, the government has no reason to believe aliens exist.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the Pentagon has found absolutely "no signs of alien life" on Earth. However, the search into UAPs is expanding after the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office was established in office. The search into the unknown also includes what might be in the water.

"While most of the reports the Pentagon investigates are about aerial objects, defense officials are increasingly concerned about unusual activity below the surface of the ocean, in space and on land," the Washington Post explained.

"Unidentified phenomena in all domains …pose potential threats to personal security and operational security, and they deserve our urgent attention," the Pentagon's top intel official  Ronald Moultrie explained to the press, according to the same report.

However, the government maintains there's no proof of "alien visitation, an alien crash, or anything like that," but if it surfaces, action will be taken.

While the government might not have proof of UFOs flying around, clearly something is going on in the sky. Anyone with eyes can see that. There's too much proof to ignore.

Are drones mostly responsible as the government might suggest? Is it our own gear being tested, such as America's latest stealth bomber?

Impossible to say, but obviously, the interest in UFOs definitely isn't going away.

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