Pentagon Official Floats Alien Mothership Possibility To Explain UFOs

A Pentagon official believes there is at least a chance UFOs might be coming from an alien mothership.

No, this isn't April Fools' Day. It's actually very real. Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, and Harvard professor Avi Loeb wrote a draft paper about whatever might be up in the sky, and speculated "probes" could be coming from a "parent craft," according to Politico.

More than half of the five-page paper from the pair discusses the possibility that what people have seen are simply probes coming from a mothership. As Politico noted, "It’s unusual for government officials, especially those involved in the nascent effort to collect intelligence on recent sightings, to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial life, although top agency officials don’t rule it out when asked."

What are UFOs?

Politico also reported one of the theories floated by Kirkpatrick and Loeb is that the small probes could be similar to dandelion seeds that break off and spread. Again, this isn't a practical joke.

"What would be the overarching purpose of the journey? In analogy with actual dandelion seeds, the probes could propagate the blueprint of their senders. As with biological seeds, the raw materials on the planet’s surface could also be used by them as nutrients for self-replication or simply scientific exploration," the authors wrote in the paper.

It's also worth noting the Pentagon claims to have zero proof aliens are real.

Are aliens among us?

For the record, there's still nothing to suggest there's an alien mothership in space, and while it's fun to debate, let's focus on what we know for sure.

Here's what we know beyond debate. Many UFOs have been captured on video and there are countless other UFO sightings from eyewitness accounts.

Some of the UFO sightings have been captured by the United States military. None are more famous than that "tic tac" video.

We also know the United States military shot down a trio of UFOs after blowing the Chinese spy balloon out of the sky. Of course, the Biden administration didn't shoot down the spy balloon until it had safely flown over the whole country while possibly transmitting.

A bizarre decision for sure.

We also know UFO sightings aren't a new thing. In fact, you can go back generations and find plenty of examples. Videos of UFOs are pretty new but stories about unknown objects in the sky are about as old as recorded history.

So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with plenty of questions and few answers. Are little green men flying around? Is there a mothership? Is this our own gear? One theory I've heard floated is that maybe it's Chinese hypersonic technology. I'm skeptical of that, but again, you simply never know.

What I do know is that if aliens want to come to America and find out what "Red Dawn" looks like in real life, get after it. You think Americans were ready to fight the communists, just wait until you see what we do to alien invaders.

Give us your best UFO theories in the comments below. We keep an open mind here at OutKick, and we definitely won't rule anything out just yet.

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