Penn State Diversity & Inclusion Team Has Spoken, Changes Coming

By now you know when a diversity and inclusion team makes a ruling, some sort of mind-numbing change is on the way. Hasbro's diversity and inclusion team went after its very own Monopoly in an attempt to modernize the board game to reflect modern society. Those changes included eliminating beauty contests & other unwoke (is that a word?) from the Community Chest Cards and replacing them with 'shop local' and 'rescue a puppy' cards.

Now Penn State University is getting in on the absurdity via its woke faculty senate which announced earlier this month that it was going to introduce some diversity & inclusion to the school system's campuses.

Those changes, outlined in an April PSU faculty senate report, include:

The resolution that was passed stated that "Terms such as 'freshman' are decidedly male-specific, while terms such as 'upperclassmen' can be interpreted as both sexist and classist.

And the PSU faulty senate will not stand for it, dammit! Someone has to stand up to all this sexism and classism, and gosh darn it, a bunch of tenured faculty will die on a hill for inclusion and diversity.

According to, 88.75% of students at Penn State approved the changes and will now live in a much more inclusive collegiate world that no longer demeans students like the old days. This should make everything so much better. That said, 'super-seniors' seems to be kinda insulting because seniors typically means old people. I smell ageism, Penn State. Fix it!

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