Paulina Gretkzy-Dustin Johnson Wedding Appears To Be Happening

From all indications from her Instagram account, Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson will get married Saturday at the luxurious Blackberry Farm, which sits in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Walland, Tennessee.

In a barrage of Instagram Story updates from champagne on the private jet ride, to the couple's first hand-and-hand walk around the Blackberry Farm, Paulina, 33, made it clear Thursday that a wedding to golfer Dustin Johnson, 37, will finally happen years after the couple first got engaged in 2013.

"It's happening," Wayne Gretzky's oldest daughter wrote on Instagram Story while also adding a "Going to the chapel" message on an update from the private jet with her best friend Kristina Melnichenko and sister-in-law Sara Gretzky.

So, yes, we're going to have ourselves a wedding, folks.

Let's get it on!

According to BFF Melnichenko, Thursday night was Family Night where guests dined on mushroom risotto with parmesan and aged balsamic followed by a main course of miso sea bass with spinach and jasmine rice OR wood-grilled beef ribeye a potato puree, and Blackberry Farm garden greens.

All of that was washed down by a slice of carrot cake, cream cheese, and candied pecans.

As if sent from the social media content gods, Blackberry Farm, which is located approximately 30 miles south of downtown Knoxville, is expected to have an incredible weather weekend with highs in the low-to-mid 80s with plenty of sun and maybe a passing cloud to provide that perfect lighting for the wedding photos.

How much money is Wayne Gretzky spending on this wedding? Let's just say that Blackberry Farm isn't some random VFW hall where a reception will run a few thousand and draft beer flows. We're talking about a place that is hailed as "One of America's most celebrated intimate luxury hotels."

Rooms at Blackberry during a "Friends Only" November weekend run $1,200 a night for a basic room and up to $10,000 a night for cottages. Now do the math on a multi-day wedding and reception. In other words, Wayne's about to blow through some serious cash.

Paulina and Dustin have had a busy few months heading into their wedding. There was the big joint bachelor and bachelorette party wedding in St. Barths and then there was the 2022 Masters where Paulina walked the grounds while keeping an eye on her baby daddy who finished tied for 12th place.

But now all eyes on the pop culture world are on Walland, Tennessee where Wayne Gretzky will be giving away his daughter, a mother of two young boys, to Dustin Johnson all these years later.

Tears are going to flow, folks.

Buckle up.

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