Pamela Anderson On Infamous Stolen Sex Tape: Never Watched It, 'Was Very Hurtful'

Pamela Anderson has never seen a single second of her infamous sex tape.

The legendary model had a sex tape made with then-husband Tommy Lee while on a boat, and the tape was stolen and disseminated in 1995.

It became America's first true viral video and set off a string of celebrity sex tapes. However, the distinction is Pamela Anderson never wanted the tape to be public, unlike most celebrity sex tapes.

Now, she wants people to know she's never watched a single part of it.

"That it was stolen property. That it was two crazily people in love. I mean, we were naked all the time and filming each other and being silly, but those tapes were not meant for anybody else to see. And I've not seen it to this day. It was very hurtful," Anderson explained when asked what she hoped people understood about the situation during an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning."

The Pamela Anderson sex tape has dominated the media for years.

It's been nearly three decades since Pamela Anderson's sex tape was stolen and leaked. A man by the name of Rand Gauthier stole the tape from Tommy Lee and Anderson after a falling out over a construction job, and the rest is history.

It didn't take long for the tape to eventually show up just about everywhere in physical copies and online. It was a devastating experience for the model, and the cause of several battles.

Eventually, she reached a deal with IEG, which curbed the video's free accessibility online. However, the damage was done and the tape was easy to find.

The situation has been covered by the media for a very long time, and Hulu released a hit series chronicling how the leak played out.

If you haven't already seen "Pam & Tommy," it's outstanding. Very inappropriate but a great TV series.

Given the incredible drama and chaos the tape caused for the legendary model, it's not hard to understand why she's not eager to fire it up. In fact, it'd be a bit weird if she did.

Now, she'll tell her full story in Netflix's "Pamela, a love story," which premieres at the end of January.

The media had never seen a sex tape situation like Pamela Anderson's before, and it's unlikely something that big will ever happen again. It literally changed how people talked about the internet and set off celebrity sex tapes as an industry. Unfortunately for her, it's not something she ever wanted or wished to have had happened.

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