Paige Spiranac Trolls Her Haters With Golf Video

Paige Spiranac's trolling hit an elite status late Wednesday afternoon.

The Instagram sensation and OutKick fan favorite is known for dropping golden content on social media, and she's never been afraid to do a little trolling.

In fact, she's made it clear she doesn't give a damn if you don't like her content or the outfits she wears. She does what she does, and isn't changing it for anyone. People can chirp her all they want or claim it's just about the looks, and it won't have any impact.

Well, in one of the best troll moves we've seen in a long time, Spiranac dropped a video about the proper golf grip, and wrote, "And today people are outraged on IG about a video on how to get the proper grip lol."

Paige Spiranac continues to be on a content bender.

Is Paige Spiranac unstoppable or is Paige Spiranac unstoppable? The answer is yes. All she did was drop a little video about how to properly grip a golf club, and it immediately went viral.

Is golf really that popular? I guess so. In case you're wondering whether or not people are actually being strange and weird about a simple golf video, a quick trip over to her Instagram proved they most certainly were.

I used my journalism skills to dig up some reactions. As she claimed, not everyone seemed focused on the simple golf tips.

Spiranac has been on a content bender for some time, and it looks like she plans on having a monster 2023. We're not even two months into the year, and she's already lighting it up on a regular basis.

It's not a mystery to figure out why she's one of the biggest hits here at OutKick. It also doesn't hurt she's anti-cancel culture, which is one of our main pillars here.

Hopefully, you all listened to Spiranac's tips in order to improve your play on the course. In many ways, she's a hero for helping you all shave down a few strokes.

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