Paige Spiranac Tries On New Golf Girl Outfits, A Great Josh Heupel Tattoo & Bo Jackson Turns 60

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Let's dig into these emails on Instagram not loading during your daily Screencaps visit...I don't want you guys to miss out on Paige, Hildeeeeeee, Lethal Lawhorn and the World Cup Latinas

Phil K. in Lake Tahoe ran all sorts of tests on his end and determined this is browser dependent. The Instagram links didn't load on his iPad running iOS 15.6.1 via Safari.

However, via Firefox, the links worked just fine.

Phil writes:

Fwiw, I tested it on the chrome browser as well and everything came up fine.

And finally, none of this happens on my iMac computer. All links come up correctly, regardless of browser there.

• Matt K. seems to confirm this on his end:

I have been having these issues for the past few days. It happens on my iPad when I read you on Outkick but does not happen when I click the Twitter link on iPhone or iPad.

Used to get this a lot back a year or so ago but then it went away.

• Joe T. writes:

I have the same issue with the links on my iPad (iOS 16). They work fine on my iPhone, but not the iPad. The Twitter links are fine.

• Ryan O. writes:

I had the same issue with viewing the Instagram influencers by using the twitter link. I had not updated my phone yet. I did the update and followed the same link and now I can see all pictures again. That’s about as helpful I get when it comes to IT….. I normally just turn it off and the back on again.

• Brian L. in Franklin, TN says:

I had the same issue using my iPhone but viewing ScreenCaps with Google…then I started using Safari on my iPhone and the issue went away. Probably just another way Apple wants to make life difficult for Android users! 

• Kevin J. writes:

The embedded Instagram images haven't worked in Brave on the desktop for several weeks now... I end up opening Outkick articles in Chrome if there's something I really want to see. Thanks for your awesome column!

Solutions so you can see Hildeeeeeee again!

• Johnny R. says there's a solution to help all of you who are having problems:

Hey Joe…the IG links have not worked on Safari for several weeks. I haven’t said anything because I didn’t want to be that guy (no offense to the reader who brought it to your attention)…I just figured it out and moved on.

All one needs to do is download the Google Chrome app for iOS and visit Outkick from the Chrome app. Chrome also seems to handle the pop-up ads better than safari as well. Carry on!

• Ray C. has a solution:

I’m a loyal screencaps follower in Tampa FL.

I had issues like the reader said on my iPad. I disabled the content blocker I have (Wipr) and the pics load normally. I went to Settings>Safari>Extensions>.  Hope this helps.

Keep up the great work!

• John in SD says he has a solution that's working for him:

Try switching to Chrome to fix the Instagram issue. I was experiencing the same issue of images not showing up while opening Screencaps in Safari on my iPhone. I’ve had no issues with Chrome. 

Is there a reason the “read more” tab was added to the beginning of Screencaps? 

I realize it pays the bills, but they’re a lot of pop-ups at the bottom of the screen. It takes away from the flow and joy of reading Screencaps. Great material, keep up the great work. 


It's been a long time since I've dipped my toes into the ad services side of any Internet operation, but pop-ups are a solution for those of you who use ad blockers.

I have no idea on the "read more" tab. I have enough on my mind keeping hundreds of emails organized and keeping the pageviews flowing.

I'm asked quite a bit about creating Morning Screencaps message boards, Discords, Screencaps podcasts, Afternoon Screencaps, more and more and more

Listen, I understand. You've found a holy grail community that you need more of, but here I am trying to put some balance into your lives and think about your mental health. Would the business side LOVE for more, more, more and more content out of the Screencaps franchise? Yes.

But I truly think we've found the magic potion with Screencaps as it stands with a 7-days-a-week operation. Give your brain, and mine, a little break here. Call a friend. Schedule an indoor golf tee time. Go to the YMCA to shoot hoops. Go for a walk. Ask your wife/girlfriend if she'd like to go for a walk. Take up a new hobby.

You don't need more and more Screencaps. Society needs to put down its phones and reconnect with other humans. That's actually healthy for this column. In the end, we all win.

What are you getting your wife for Christmas this year?

Guys, let's help other guys. Tomorrow, in case you haven't looked, is December 1. I know many of you won't start shopping until December 20, but I thought now is the time to throw some ideas on the table.

I will keep you guys anonymous in case she reads Screencaps.

Fire away with gift ideas for the wives out there.


This is a real headline

Good luck to all of you who sell on eBay and do random side jobs.

Gotta love Big Daddy Government looking out for the small guy. What's next, they'll take our gas-powered lawn mowers?

"The proposal was offered as a way to help pay for a $3.5 trillion social spending bill that would invest in climate programs, child care and education," MarketWatch reports.

Emailer grab bag

• Chris B. in Texas, one of the great original emailers, checks in this morning:

Spotify pays artists between $0.003 - $0.005 per stream on average.

Dallas (the city, not the metro) is hard-left black racist. Think Oakland. That’s why everybody with a real job lives elsewhere in the market (exception: the crazy-rich Highland Park people) and that’s why they’re running all that progressive jive.

On Safari (desktop), the Instagram photos vary — sometimes all display, sometimes none, sometimes some but not all. Completely unpredictable.


In Tuesday Screencaps, we learned that Lynyrd Skynyrd has amassed over 3 billion Spotify plays. Based on Chris B.'s research we're talking like $15 million. I thought it would be a higher payout for that number of streams.

Spicy sausage and cheese balls

• Mike T. might be in Spain, but his heart is forever on his patio with his Traeger. He sent over this Malcolm Reed video. I need to see if Mike T. is starting to wear down a little bit without his patio.

Speaking of the Ts, they're on the run from Interpol yet again

• Mike T. writes:

View from the new balcony in Valencia, Spain.

Let's get rolling with the final Wednesday of November. It's dark outside and the wind is supposed to be topping 40 mph all day. I'm hunkered down for another day of blogging my ass off.

Have a great day across this incredible country even as Big Daddy Government works its ass off to make your life harder. Hang in there.


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